About me

I am a Quaternary Scientist, Dryland Geomorphologist and Hydrogeologist based in the Geography department at the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in Physical Geography. 

My research interests lie within understanding the dynamics of dryland systems over a range of timescales and address two broad themes:
1) Chemical tracers as novel archives of groundwater recharge and palaeomoisture. 
2) Late Quaternary (~250,000 years) landscape dynamics using geoproxies. 


I currently teach these courses at the University of Manchester. 

I also contribute to teaching on the MSc in Water Science Policy and Management at the University of Oxford. 

I have lectured for the Earth Systems Dynamics Course on the Geography BA programme in the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford. 
I have also taught tutorials across a range of Physical Geography, Environmental Geography and Geographical Techniques for the  Geography BA programme at St John's College, Keble College, Christchurch College, Worcester College and St Hilda's at the University of Oxford. 


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Research insight

1) Quaternary climate change

Here are some thoughts on the puzzle of Last Glacial Maximum in southern Africa. I'm interested to hear any views on this and the on ways forward...

2) Current-day dryland groundwater 
In the (only very slightly soggy) sands of the Kalahari, some locations contain a lot of nitrate. Is this sheep pee or has it been biologically produced by vegetation that behaves in transient manner across landscapes over decades?  Read here for what I and Mike Edmunds think, and you decide

On 29th October I am attending The Nitrogen Cycle and the Anthropocene at BSG, Keyworth, Nottingham, where I will present a poster on this. 

Public outreach

Catch members of @QEG introducing the Ice Age to members of the public at the Manchester Science Festival next week, 11am-1pm Monday 27th to Friday 31st October. 

I prepared a FACT SHEET for visitors to the Kalahari Anib Lodge, Gondwana Collection Namibia (to whom we are very grateful for granting us permission to sample dunes). Dr Chris Brown, chairman of the environmental committee has developed this into a tourist infomation board.

Current research projects

Within my research into the dynamics of dry land environments over Quaternary and recent timescales I have two current research themes and projects. 

1) Chemical Tracers in the unsaturated zone as novel as novel archives

Palaeomoisture records in sandy desert 
Watch this space for a LINK for research overview. 

Rainfall in the Desert Sand of Namibia 
This research above the Stampriet Basin has been funded by the RGS, BSG, QRA and Oxford Fell Fund. See this LINK for further information about the project. 

2) Quaternary environmental dynamics using geoproxies 

Attempting rapid age assessment of dune sediments in the Namib Sand Sea using a portable luminescence reader 

Casting new light on Quaternary environmental change in the Namib Sand Sea 

Dating palaeohydrological records in the Namib Sand Sea

Luminescence chronologies for dune accumulation in the southern Kalahari linear dunefield 

U-series dating of fluvial tufa in the Naukluft Mountains of Namibia.